BREAKING: She's FURIOUS At Kamala Harris - VP Is Fuming...

July 28, 2022

Kellyanne Conway hasn't been in headlines for a while, but now she's back.


Conway recently appeared on America's Newsroom on Fox, and while there, she gave her opinion of how the current regime is doing in the White House.

In case you're not able to guess, let me spoil it for you: Conway's review was NOT good.

She began by ranting against Joe Biden for being so unpopular and soon turned her attention to Kamala Harris, who is doing just as bad of a job.

"Guess who doesn’t register on that poll of five? Joe's vice president, Kamala Harris," Conway said. "Normally, your vice president is the president in waiting if you’re not going to run or if you’ve served two terms, and she literally does not register. She is doing even worse than Biden when it comes to the poll position but also when it comes to favorability. That poll in New Hampshire … Biden’s net favorability is plus 19% among Democrats and independents in New Hampshire — the first primary state. So, if he starts taking on water within his own party and is going to face not just headwinds in polls now but an actual primary challenger, too, within his own party, that spells trouble, that can really weaken the frontrunner — the incumbent president."

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