BREAKING: She's Exposing Biden Family Scandal - White House Freaking Out...

July 16, 2022

First Lady Jill Biden recently compared Latino voters to breakfast tacos, and Democrat-turned-Republican Representative Mayra Flores of Texas is speaking out about how offensive Biden's comments are.

"Days before First Lady Dr. Jill Biden’s rhetorical flop comparing Latino voters to a variety of breakfast tacos, recently elected Rep. Mayra Flores criticized references to 'tacos' as tired pandering," according to Breitbart News.

"The Mexican-born congresswoman managed to flip a Democrat stronghold seat in South Texas and now argues that more Latinos began to realize their values were not represented in Washington," reported Breitbart.

"Flores especially criticized longstanding pandering about cuisine and music to score votes. Flores won her election in June to replace Rep. Filemon Vela who quit his position for private sector work. Flores will have to compete in November against Congressman Vicente Gonzalez due to redistricting," reports Breitbart.

Flores told Breitbart News:

They think that with just their little face, people will vote for them … They think that because they hand out tacos, people will vote for them. They think that because they play regional music, norteño music, the people will keep voting for them. But NO, they are going to have to do much more. People will no longer vote for them just because they hand out tacos or because they play music. No, now they are going to have to get to work and give results in order for people to vote for them. And I think that they will realize in November that they will no longer just be able to think that they own our vote. No More.

"The majority of the people here in The [Rio Grande] Valley immigrated to this country or our parents immigrated to this country," Flores said. "Me, I was proudly born in Burgos, Tamaulipas, and I always say that with pride, because I am very proud of my people, where I come from, my culture … us immigrants love this county, sometimes I think that much more than the people that were born here because we value it. We value Freedom, we value being here, we value work."

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