BREAKING: She's DEAD - Megyn Kelly Report Stuns...

October 29, 2022

Megyn Kelly, reporter and media personality, shared sad news this week.

Kelly took to the air to share that her 58-year-old sister Suzanne Crossley unexpectedly passed away from a heart attack.

Kelly said that Crossley had "died suddenly on Friday of a heart attack."

"Kelly noted that her sister had not had 'very good health over the past couple of years,' and there had been 'sort of one problem after another,'" reported TheBlaze.

"Kelly, 51, described her sister's death as 'sudden' and 'unexpected,'" reported TheBlaze.

Kelly said that when she heard the devastating news, she "went right up and was there with my mom, and my brother Paul, and my, my nephew Brian, one of her three kids, when she passed."

"She said that she decided to do her show on Monday, noting that 'it's more cathartic to work,' and doing so provided her a bit of time in which she could get her mind off of the issue," reported TheBlaze.

Kelly added that "later this week" after she has a chance to "process it more," she will speak more about her sister.

Kelly reminded listeners to "hug the people you love, right? How short and tenuous life is, and how important it is to stay close to the people you love. You know, we can't all be perfect on that front, but we can make a little effort day by day just to, you know, shoot a text, or return a call."

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