BREAKING: She's Been Declared Dead - Family STUNNED

July 17, 2022

An elderly woman has died after falling into a pond at a Florida golf course. The unidentified woman attempted to get out before being attacked by alligators and she was pulled underwater.

The horrific situation has spawned an investigation by the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office and the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

The two alligators were captured by a trapper and euthanized. Both alligators were substantially large with both individuals measured at over seven feet long.

This terrifying incident is a rare one for Florida. Just four people have been killed by alligators in Florida over the past decade. However, the number of people who have been attacked is higher with close to a dozen incidents yearly.

Adam Brown, commissioner of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, explained that "Alligators are opportunistic feeders and will eat animals that are readily available to them. They prefer to go after prey they can overpower easily."

Unfortunately, that elderly woman stood no chance against the two predators and her tragic death is a reminder for Americans to be on high alert around waterways populated by alligators.

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