BREAKING: Sheriff Makes Move Against Top Democrat - BOOM

September 1, 2022

In Arizona, there's one Democrat that's trying to appeal to Republican voters by claiming she's going to get the southern border under control.

Katie Hobbs.

It seems like a decent strategy that a Democrat might employ to get some votes from people that normally lean Republican.

According to Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb though, there's a HUGE problem with Katie Hobbs' "tough talk" on border security.

It's all that, only talk.

In fact, it's all "more political BS just to get your vote."

Hobbs doesn't think that America's southern border is an issue that needs fixing. Anytime she says that she does, she's just lying to get votes.

Lamb is instead supporting former Obama donor turned Trump-endorsee Kari Lake.

"Kari Lake has a bold and aggressive plan to help end the Border Crisis here in Arizona. Her plan would declare an invasion at the Southern Border and mobilize the resources and personnel that Arizona needs to keep our communities safe from human trafficking and the deadly fentanyl poison that is harming Arizona families every day."

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