BREAKING: She Just SLAMMED Joe Biden For His Narcissistic Secret...

August 17, 2022

The White House doesn't have a good strategy for telling the truth.

Instead of thinking about the facts first, and speaking based on what is true, they do the opposite.

They say whatever they want to first, and completely disregard if what they are saying is valid or not.

Liberals think that by repeating lies again and again, they can trick the American public into believing them.

Former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley said as much during a recent appearance on Fox News:

"What’s amazing about that is they think if they say something, it’s true," Nikki complained. "The second that blunder happened in Afghanistan, it was the green light for every enemy we had. Then you saw Russia move into Ukraine. Then you saw China starting to threaten Taiwan. Now you see Iran trying to build a nuclear weapon, but they’re also … trying to assassinate Americans on our own soil. That was the day America became weak. That was the day the world became less safe, and it was all because of the decisions the Biden administration made."

"The solution is to snap out of it. We need to get strong. How are these terrorists wanting to come to America? Through the southern border. Close the southern border. Start to be strong against China. Start to hold and have Ukraine’s back. Start to make sure we get Taiwan ready. We have got to start really focusing. And the last thing Biden needs to do is get back into the Iran deal, which would be catastrophic for us," Haley concluded.

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