BREAKING: She Just Exposed DOJ After Trump Raid - Mar-A-Lago Shocker...

September 1, 2022

The FBI is a HUGE part of America's federal government.

So when other parts of the government in America are begging and pleading with Americans not to trust the FBI, it raises some serious concerns.

Who do we listen to, the federal or state government? Are EITHER of them on our side?

According to South Dakoto Governor Kristi Noem, a Republican, the FBI is definitely NOT to be trusted by everyday Americans.

"I’ll tell you what the one thing I’ve heard across this country, Republicans, Democrats, the public, they don’t trust the DOJ, and they want this to be transparent. They don’t think they need a special master to come in and look at this. That’s ridiculous. Hiding these documents and this information, keeping it within the DOJ, is wrong. It needs to be transparent so people can build trust back in the FBI and the DOJ and what they’re doing."

She continued by saying "I think it’s important that this is transparent and that we do have someone outside of the DOJ looking at this and talking to people. What is this information? We don’t know what was in there. I believe President Trump declassified all this information. Let’s find out really what the process is, what is right, what is precedent that other presidents have followed, and make sure that this is done correctly."

"I guess the question to all of you is what was in those documents and folders. Do we know? We deserve to know. I don’t know if the DOJ and FBI can be trusted to tell us what was in there. That’s the thing. You can see folders. You can see big words. Do we know that’s really what President Trump brought to his home? Do we know that he put them there? Do we know what’s inside? That’s why I think it’s important that the DOJ bring in someone who is outside of this, that’s a neutral individual that can look at this and really build some trust back in our justice system. This has been a political fight against President Trump. They’ve attacked him for years and years. They want to destroy him. That is why we can’t trust them to do this alone."

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