Sen. Mike Lee Puts Terror In Democrats - Check This Out...

July 15, 2022

Evan McMullin thought he had a decent shot in Utah's U.S. Senate general election race.

The failed presidential candidate decided to set his sights a little lower after gaining very little actual traction during his run for President of America.

Turns out that this goal isn't attainable either.

Senator Mike Lee, a Republican, leads the never-Trumper McMullin by a whopping 14 percentage points.

That's an incredible deficit to be trying to make up at this point in the game.

A red wave is coming this fall whether liberals like it or not.

In Utah, the Democrats decided that McMullin is liberal enough to not need to put up a Democratic candidate in the race against Lee.

I would suggest they reconsider after seeing how bad McMullin is failing, but it's not like anybody the replaced him with would fare any better.

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