BREAKING: Secret Video Exposes Sick Democrat Corruption - Deceiving American Voters...

October 26, 2022

A paid staff member for Democrat Mark Kelly of Arizona has been caught on video admitting deceptive tactics are being used to get Kelly votes.

A video from Project Veritas Action revealed the truth about Mark Kelly's shenanigans to garner votes.

"Well, he’s not going to say anything outright about what he’s going to do unless it will garner support from Independents and some of the moderate Republicans," Evynn Bronson said.

Bronson is a paid campaign field organizer for Democrat Senator Mark Kelly.

Bronson made the comments about Kelly to a Project Veritas Action journalist.

Bronson doesn't stop there, he continued, bringing forth some ominous information about Kelly's plans.

"He needs them. Otherwise, he won’t win," Bronson explained. If Kelly is honest about his agenda, it "will scare people away," Bronson admits during the video.

Bronson said that Kelly is "not going to outright say like all the very liberal…"

"Even though you think he’s going to do them anyways" the Project Veritas journalist asked. "Yeah, for sure," Bronson answered.

"What if I came across a Republican who was like pro-life … and they like ask me if Mark Kelly is pro-life?" the Project Veritas reporter asked.

"I would say Mark Kelly is pro-life but also pro keeping the government out of our healthcare. I don’t know something stupid like that," Bronson said.

"Even though he’s not pro-life?" the Project Veritas journalist asked. "Absolutely he is not pro-life," Bronson responded.

"During the video, Bronson even suggested bringing up the shooting of Kelly’s wife to deflect if conservative voters ask about the Democrat incumbent’s stance on abortion," reported Breitbart. "And then I’d go to something like 'after his wife was in the shooting he values life so much,'" Bronson said.

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