BREAKING: Secret Biden Villain Exposed In Video - Watch Now...

September 9, 2022

The Washington Post in its review of the new independent film My Son Hunter said that the movie's most apparent villain is the mainstream media, which censored reports about Hunter Biden's laptop until after the 2020 presidential election.

“If the movie has a villain, it’s the mainstream media, portrayed as comically unwilling to touch a story that could have altered history,” columnist David Wiegel wrote. “The decision by Twitter and Facebook to censor the New York Post’s initial stories on the laptop’s contents continues to outrage conservatives.”

He argued that “some Republican candidates have embraced an increasingly hostile posture toward the press” as the midterm elections approach.

Indeed, it is hard as a conservative not to believe that the press is going to bat in increasingly devious ways to benefit your political opponents when looking at the way numerous mainstream media sources tried to label the laptop "Russian disinformation" and then got social media platforms to censor it.

The media is still ignoring and minimizing significant stories that cast Democrats in an unflattering light, so not much has really changed since 2020, by all accounts.

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