BREAKING: Secret Biden Meeting Reveals MASSIVE Desperation - Deep Trouble...

October 28, 2022

There's a level so low that one would only stoop to it in times of complete and utter desperation:

Looking to Chuck Schumer for advice.

But really, where else does Joe Biden have to turn? His Presidency is in complete shambles. From his premature evacuation in Afghanistan to his nonexistent control of America's southern border, Dirty Joe Biden has failed on almost every single major issue he's been faced with.

The result? A country that hates him so much he's started listening to Chuck Schumer for advice.

Schumer had opinions on the midterms in both Georgia and Pennsylvania.

Liberals are currently in bad shape in Pennsylvania, with polls showing Trump endorsee Doctor Oz leading John Fetterman, who has recently refused to release a medical test showing he is fit for the job.

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