BREAKING: Sarah Palin Just Confirmed Rumors - WOW

August 18, 2022

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (R) is moving forward to the general election for the at-large seat of the late Rep. Don Young, along with two other candidates--one Republican and one Democrat.

The general election will be a ranked-choice contest, meaning that if no candidate wins a majority of votes, the last placer will be dropped and the second choice votes counted.

Palin is in second place among the three candidates with 32%. The top candidate, Democrat Mary Peltola, has 38%, but Palin will be able to get most or all the Republican votes in the general election if she finishes in second place.

Palin said she doesn't approve of ranked-choice voting, but it could help her win.

She definitely has the most name recognition, but has often been attacked over the years.

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