BREAKING: Sarah Palin Delivers Election Update - She's Really Doing It...

October 10, 2022

Former Alaska Governor and 2008 Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin (R) spoke out Tuesday against ranked choice voting, which cost her a seat in the House of Representatives in a special election last month even though she was the top Republican candidate in a majority Republican state.

“This is what’s going to elect Democrats and destroy our country before we even know it,” Palin said of the system, which Alaska adopted through referendum last year and other states are now considering.

“I am just sounding that alarm that it’s this bad,” she warned. “I don’t want this to happen to any other electorate, in any city, in any state.”

She said that the process would create "distrust" and favor Republicans in races where, like Alaska two Republicans split the vote but there's only one Democrat candidate.

Palin will have another chance to win the seat in the November general election.

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