BREAKING: Ron DeSantis Warns Voters In Epic Shooter Statement

October 18, 2022

Ron DeSantis needed only three words to describe the decision that was made NOT to give the Parkland shooter the death penalty over four years after the massacre happened.

"Miscarriage of justice."

Sounds like the working title in case Florida Ron ever decides to star in his own action movie.

I shouldn't be joking though, because Ron clearly wasn't.

"When you have something happen, like this Parkland massacre, you need to hold people accountable, and nobody was being held accountable," DeSantis said. "And so I came into office almost a year after it happened. First week in office, we removed the sheriff of this county. We then convened a special grand jury that investigated failures not just here but other parts of the country and other parts of the state about different types of school security, and that led to this report, where we then removed the number of the school board members who were derelict."

"I’m sorry. When you murder 17 people in cold blood, the only appropriate punishment is capital punishment. That should have been a death sentence."

"The only appropriate sentence for the massacre of 17 innocent people is the death penalty," DeSantis said.

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