BREAKING: Ron DeSantis Stunned By Bizarre Chicken Attack - WHAAAA

October 7, 2022

Democrat strategist James Carville launched a bizarre attack on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) Tuesday on MSNBC following news coverage of DeSantis dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.

Carville said, “Listen to me, Ron De-Katrina and push the fried chicken and the mashed potatoes and the gravy back. First thing is you can suspend your toilet patrol of who is using what bathroom because none of the toilets are working in southwest Florida. Second thing you need to do is forget about Martha’s vineyard."

Carville said he didn't think there were enough skilled laborers and contractors to fix the damage wrought by Ian and that illegal immigrant labor would be needed.

He advised DeSantis: "Hire a bunch of buses, go to El Paso, to Laredo to Nogales to Mexicali, and put a sign up that says we need workers, no questions asked, high wages. Stop all these stunts you are doing. You’re going to need immigrants, and a lot of them. You’re going to need drywall people. You are going to need brick layers. You are going to need roofers. There are not enough roofers in Florida to deal with this.”

I mean, it was a bunch of cheap shots on DeSantis, who is doing remarkably well handling the crisis, but what do we expect from MSNBC. Don't worry, no one is watching it anyway.

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