BREAKING: Ron DeSantis Pulls Shocking Feat Against Democrats - Voters Cheering...

October 6, 2022

For some reason, Democrats had been claiming that DeSantis was on his way out as Florida governor.

The early results are in, and it's just not looking likely. DeSantis is currently leading his Democratic challenger by a staggering eight points.

At this point, it's not just going to be a victory for Florida Ron, it just might turn into a bloodbath.

It's not just traditional Republicans skewing these numbers, either. DeSantis' popularity transcends Demographics.

For example, Hispanics, who liberals routinely count on to vote for them for no reason, are leaning HEAVILY toward DeSantis. Among them, Ron is winning by 16 points.

Amongst independents? The gap is even worse. A whopping eighteen points.

Amongst Democrats? See for yourself:

While DeSantis was doing that, Crist was in a television studio blaming climate change for the hurricane instead of working to fix it.

The numbers don't lie.

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