BREAKING: Ron DeSantis FIGHTS Woke Enemy - America Shocked...

July 16, 2022

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) spoke about woke companies during a speech on Friday to Moms for Liberty.

DeSantis said, “Americans are sick of some of these companies and their stupid activism and they wanted somebody to stand up, they wanted somebody to stand up and say, no, we’re not gonna let you distort our political process here in the state of Florida."

He then explained what his administration had done to combat woke companies like Disney.

“So, I think it’s had a good reverberations around the country. I don’t think you’ve seen these companies be as aggressive on some of these issues,” he said, explaining that it is “one thing to advance things in the political arena.”

“But when they can’t get things done through the ballot box to use corporate power to do it, and to impose, basically a leftist agenda, through corporate America, you know, you’ve got to be concerned about that, and you’ve got to realize that that’s something that we have to fight back against,” he said.

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