BREAKING: Retirement Announcement Rocks America - He's Really Doing It...

July 5, 2022

Outspoken human rights advocate Enes Kanter is most famous for standing up for what is right each and every night his NBA team takes the floor.

Or that's what he USED to be most famous for.

He's no longer going to be playing in the NBA.

Kanter claims the league is forcing him to retire.

If you're wondering why, you shouldn't be.

It's not because he's too old. He just turned 30.

It's not because he can't play anymore. The man just averaged a double-double one season ago. Michael Jordan never accomplished that. Neither did Kobe Bryant.

So why is Kanter retiring?

He's been critical of China in the past, and as a result, the NBA made his decision for him.

"They’re pushing me to retire at the age of 30, unfortunately. You know, when you talk about some uncomfortable situations happening around the world and your organization that you played for for 11 years tied up billions of dollars with that dictatorship (China), unfortunately, it’s tough. I’m going to push through it. I’m still working out. I’m still practicing. But, the one thing I can say is, NBA and Adam Silver is one of the most hypocritical organizations and one of the most hypocritical commissioners out there in the world. They stand up for things until it affects their money or business."

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