BREAKING: Report Shows DISTURBING White House Cover-Up - Hunter Biden Is...

July 10, 2022

With recent damaging leaks about Hunter Biden emerging, the White House is scrambling to maintain their complicated coverup to protect President Joe Biden.

The situation is getting so bad that members of the Biden administration are being instructed not to answer any questions relating to Hunter Biden or the business dealings that he and his father are involved in.

An anonymous Biden advisor told The New Yorker that "Everyone who works for him has been screamed at." That situation is only going to get worse as new information continues to surface about the President's son.

Most recently, online hackers claimed to have gained access to Hunter Biden's iCloud, and the leaked contents were quickly spread across the internet.

While much of it is unverified, some information that has surfaced corroborates with information that is already available. Most alarming is the discovery that Hunter Biden had his father's contact labeled "Pedo Peter."

While these disturbing allegations have yet to be confirmed, it's more headache for the White House as they try and fight off reporters and keep President Biden from lashing out in rage.

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