BREAKING: Rand Paul Unveils Bombshell Behind Trump Mar-a-Lago Raid [Developing]

August 10, 2022

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said Monday night that an FBI raid on former President Donald Trump's residence in Mar-A-Lago was “outrageous and unjust, but predictable.”

Paul pointed out that FBI Director Christopher Wray who approved the raid also said that the FISA warrants obtained against Trump were constitutional, which is untrue.

Trump described the raid as “prosecutorial misconduct, the weaponization of the Justice System, and an attack by Radical Left Democrats who desperately don’t want me to run for President in 2024, especially based on recent polls, and who will likewise do anything to stop Republicans and Conservatives in the upcoming Midterm Elections.”

“Such an assault could only take place in broken, Third-World Countries,” Trump said, which agreed with many other conservative reactions to the action.

Numerous other government officials including former Secretary of State and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton were accused of mishandling classified documents, but none of them had their homes raided by the FBI.

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