BREAKING: Rand Paul Pulls Trigger On Fauci - He Wasn't Paying Attention...

September 19, 2022

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said to Dr. Anthony Fauci on Wednesday during a Congressional hearing what many Americans have been thinking regarding advice and guidelines about the coronavirus.

He blasted Fauci's "ever evolving opinions" about transmissibility and natural immunity to the virus, which is still impacting many people each day in the U.S.

Instead of admitting that infection with COVID-19 provides some level of natural immunity, Fauci continues to claim that vaccination after natural infection offers a "boost" in protection from future infections.

“It’s not in any of your studies. Almost none of your studies from the CDC or from the government have the variable of whether or not you’ve been previously infected,” the Republican said.

“You decry–people decry–vaccine hesitancy. It’s coming from the gobbledygook that you give us. You’re not paying attention to the science,” Paul said.

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