BREAKING: President Joe Biden SMACKED Down After College Debt Debacle [Details Here]

August 25, 2022

The liberal party has officially launched their final Hail Mary before midterms:

Student loan forgiveness.

Weird how just a year or so ago, liberals were explaining that the President does NOT have the ability to cancel student loans.

One year later and needing a miraculous recovery heading into midterms, that's exactly what Joe Biden is doing.

It's one of the most blatant examples of vote-buying in American history.

There's just one problem:

The American people see right through this scam.

We know that this debt doesn't magically go away. The universities and government are still going to get their money, just not from the people that owe it to them.

Instead, the burden is going to fall on the Americans that pay back their taxes and student loans to shoulder the cost of the slackers.

It's these slackers that Biden then hopes turn around and vote for him, as he's practically written them an excuse note to get out of their responsibilities.

Why would these people not vote for the character that lets them do whatever they want instead of one that wants law and order?

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