BREAKING: President Biden's Secret Financial Conspiracy EXPOSED - OUTRAGEOUS

July 2, 2022

Rep. Buddy Carter (R-GA) blamed President Joe Biden's overregulation of U.S. industries for part of the inflation problem that has plagued the country in recent months.

Carter was praising SCOTUS for ruling that the EPA had no authority to regulate the carbon emissions of existing power plants when he made the comments.

“The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Americans, in favor of constituents, and that is important because one of the biggest problems we’re facing right now with this inflation is over-regulation,” Carter said.

"If we could just simply relieve ourselves of some of these regulations, and that’s what the Supreme Court has done, saying they have to go through Congress. So, instead of this administration pushing their Green New Deal agenda, trying to make prices higher, and they were enjoying this," he continued.

He also said the higher gas prices were "by design" to force Americans to buy expensive electric vehicles.

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