BREAKING: President Biden NAILED Hiding Damning Evidence - America In Disbelief...

September 15, 2022

Joe Biden has been conducting entire speeches recently without mentioning the most important word in America right now: inflation.

America's economy and how to keep food on the family table is the biggest concern of most Americans right now.

But when Biden steps up to give a speech, does he mention anything about that very issue plaguing America?

Absolutely not.

Instead, he compares Republicans to terrorists and tries his best to create a divide in this country.

With midterms coming up, you would think that Joe Biden would be willing to tackle the real issues head on to show that Democrats would be a decent decision this fall.

Instead, he doesn't have the answers.

So he's just pretending he didn't hear the question.

It's not going to work forever, Joe.

Time's almost up.

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