BREAKING: President Biden Mar-A-Lago SHOCKER - Didn't Know This..

August 25, 2022

President Joe Biden opened his big mouth on Wednesday, waiting only about one sentence before fitting his foot all the way in.

According to Joe Biden, he had "zero" knowledge of the FBI raid on Donald Trump's private residence before the event happened.

"I didn’t have any advance notice. None. Zero," Biden said while raising his hand and displaying the "okay" sign. He was probably trying to make a zero symbol and is too old and confused to remember how to do it, but there's always the possibility this was a signal to his followers that he knows what he's doing behind the scenes.

This raises a tremendous question though.

How did the PRESIDENT not realize that his FBI was going to declare war on his predecessor, one of the most important men in the entire world.

In fact, Biden didn't even address the issue until 16 days AFTER the raid occurred.

Joe's "okay" symbol told us EVERYTHING we need to know about the situation.

It's dirtier than a pig pen.

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