BREAKING: President Biden Launches Attack - Americans Shocked...

August 29, 2022

Orland Park, Illinois Mayor Keith Pekau, running for the House, called President Joe Biden's student loan forgiveness program "fundamentally unfair" to the working class when he spoke on Breitbart News Saturday.

The conversation actually began with an explanation of what Pekau has done to combat crime in Orland Park, which is in close proximity to Chicago.

He took the opportunity to blast his opponent, Rep. Sean Casten (D), for voting to defund police when Orland Park supports police.

He then turned his attention to the economy, noting that student loan forgiveness won't help people who need the most help amid 40-year inflation highs.

"It’s unfair to folks [who paid off their student loans], it’s unfair to union workers, and people put themselves through trade schools or an automotive tech school," Pekau said.

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