BREAKING: President Biden Hears AWFUL Diagnosis - He's As Good As Done

July 12, 2022

Eighteen months into his presidency, Joe Biden has officially captured the lowest approval rating of any president in the last 75 years.

Not since Harry Truman has an active president had an approval rating in the 30s at this point in their term.

Harry Truman's was a truly awful 33% back in 1946.

It would take until 2022 for anyone to even get close.

Eisenhower didn't do it.

JFK didn't do it.

Lyndon B. Johnson didn't do it.

Richard Nixon didn't do it.

Gerald Ford didn't do it.

Jimmy Carter didn't do it.

Ronald Reagan didn't do it.

George H.W. Bush didn't do it.

Bill Clinton didn't do it.

George W. Bush didn't do it.

Barack Obama didn't do it.

Donald Trump didn't do it.

Joe Biden arrived in 2022 and said "hold my beer."

If there was one record Joe Biden was bound and determined to break, it was this one.

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