BREAKING: President Biden Goes Down HARD - Not Much Hope Now...

September 3, 2022

President Biden is going down and he's going down fast and hard.

It's been a long road for sleepy Joe Biden and he's still not making any headway in the polls.

"President Joe Biden’s net approval rating dropped a full seven points in one week," a Reuters/Ipsos poll reported.

"Only 38 percent approved of Biden this week, while 58 percent disapproved for a net approval rating of -20. Last week, 41 percent approved of Biden and 54 percent disapproved for a net approval rating of -13," Breitbart reported.

"The establishment media in the last few weeks have been hyping the Democrats renewed hopes of retaining the House and the Senate, but Biden’s polling, which is a bellwether for midterm election outcome, runs contrary to the media’s narrative," Breitbart reported.

"Democrats are expected to lose control of the U.S. House of Representatives in November and possibly the Senate as well," Reuters admitted.

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