BREAKING: President Biden Fall Ruins Democrat Hopes - Report Stuns...

October 26, 2022

President Biden has many problems to deal with as we approach midterm elections.

Perhaps at the top of the list as issue number one should be the fact that nobody likes him.

We're about to enter a popularity contest called midterms to determine the future of this country. Unfortunately for liberals, Joe Biden's popularity is currently about as low as it can sink.

The man's in trouble. As a result, other liberals are as well. How can you trust a liberal candidate to run your local government when you know that he or she is going to be supporting the same policies that made Joe Biden a failure?

We're two weeks away from midterms, and only 40% of Americans approve of the job that Joe Biden is going. Fifty-six of those surveyed disapprove of the job Joe Biden is doing. The other 4% must have been confused or as braindead as he is, as they didn't pick an answer.

The midterm elections are very often a reflection on whether or not the President has been keeping his promises and doing a good job during his first two years.

The results are in.

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