BREAKING: President Biden Diagnosis Has Left In Utter Dismay - I Can't Believe This

July 9, 2022

President Biden's camp can finally see through the fog of empty promises, and they are criticizing his milque-toast dimeanor.

"The radical left this week has grown impatient with President Joe Biden, criticizing him for his moderate and timid leadership," reports Breitbart.

"Radical Democrats have aired grievances that Biden 'isn’t acting with — or perhaps is even capable of — the urgency the moment demands' to reshape the nation," reported Breitbart.

"Rudderless, aimless and hopeless," are words one member of Congress used to describe Biden.

Democrat strategist, Camille Rivera said Biden is missing a chance to change America. "He’s missing the boat here. This is our time to dig in and be absolutely furious because these one-half measures are not working. He’s got a real excitability problem," said Rivera.

Adam Jentleson, Democrat consultant, said that Biden is not filling the leadership vacuum.

"There is a leadership vacuum right now, and he’s not filling it," said Jentleson. "I sympathize with the argument that there’s very little they can do legislatively. But in moments of crisis, the president is called upon to be a leader. And when people are feeling scared and angry and outraged, they look to him for that, and they’re not getting much."

Politico Playbook wrote about the Democrat frustration by saying Democrats need a "vibe shift to reflect their anger and angst."

"Biden (and Democrats) need a vibe shift — fast. They want the president to reflect their anger and angst. They want him to project strength and that he has a plan for meaningful action," Playbook wrote. "They want him to pick fights at the right time with the right opponents, messaging on themes that get reinforced time and again."

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