BREAKING: President Biden Devastated By Damning Report - He's Done

July 8, 2022

A Gallup poll that measures trust in the presidency has seen its biggest yearly drop since the first year Barack Obama was president.

The poll registered a 15-point drop since President Joe Biden took office; it had also dropped 15 points in 2010 after Obama's first year in office.

Public trust was 38% in 2021, and is now 23%. This is even worse than the 51% to 36% drop under Obama.

Under former President Donald Trump, trust in the presidency went up from 32% when he took office to 37% a year later. By the time he left office in 2020, it was 39%.

The unprecedented number of crises facing Biden and his poor handling of those crises are seen as the reason for the rapid drop; similarly, Obama faced a recession and housing bubble that burst during his first year.

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