BREAKING: President Biden Caught In Election Scandal - Evidence Shows He...

July 8, 2022

The Biden administration is up to some pretty shady tactics.

Unfortunately for most average Americans, it's not hard for these snakes to hide what they're doing from us.

Bills too long for us to ever read, money with more zeroes than we can comprehend, and convoluted dumb plans dressed up in political language to seem smart.

If real Americans want a chance against these liberals, then we need real people like us standing up for what's right.

That's where leaders like Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee come in.

The Republican recently appeared on "Hannity" to give her thoughts on the Biden administration's recently launched lawsuit against the state of Arizona.

"The Biden DOJ is so busy suing states like Arizona for doing their constitutional duty and passing something that the people of the state want, but the Biden DOJ is too busy to go after drug traffickers and human traffickers and go work on helping DHS secure that southern border. I mean, you just can’t even make this kind of stuff up. We have the biggest humanitarian crisis ever taking place at our southern border. It has been declared the most dangerous migrant land route on the face of the earth. It’s worse than Afghanistan, China, Iran, Russia, North Korea when you look at dangerous migrant land routes. But no, this administration wants to go after Arizona, where the people of that state have said, we want to make it easy to vote, we want to make it hard to cheat. We think it’s the right thing to do to have people prove who they are in order to cast a ballot in our state."

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