BREAKING: Pelosi Report REVERSAL, They're Changing The Story...

October 31, 2022

NBC News has changed its story on the alleged break-in of Nancy Pelosi's home. NBC investigative correspondent Tom Winter clarified that there were only two people in the Pelosi home as opposed to the three that were initially reported.

Winter took to Twitter to say, "The SFPD also says that there were only TWO people inside the Pelosi home (Paul Pelosi and DePape) when they responded, clarifying statements made at Friday's press conference which seemed to indicate there was a third person inside the home who opened the door."

The clarification clears up a major question that suggested Americans weren't being told the whole story about the incident at the Pelosi home.

However, other questions still haven't been answered. Some of the details still don't add up, and many suspect that DePape, the man who allegedly broke into the home, wasn't a burglar but rather a guest.

The insinuation that DePape was a right-wing terrorist out to get Paul Pelosi hasn't helped assuage suspicions that the media isn't being entirely honest about the story.

Americans should keep their eyes on this story as it is eerily similar to Paul Pelosi's DUI case earlier this year. The media simply cannot be trusted to be honest and the clarifications and changes we are seeing suggest that the Pelosis are hiding something.

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