BREAKING: Pelosi Crime CONFIRMED - Guilty Sentence...

August 24, 2022

Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), pleaded guilty to one DUI count for an accident in Napa Valley in May, and will not serve any further jail time for his crime.

Pelosi was sentenced to five days of jail time. He was given two days credit for the two days he spent in jail at the time of his arrest and another two days for good conduct. The fifth day will be spent working for the court.

He will be on probation and will have to complete a three-month drinking and driving course, and will have an ignition locking device on his car for one year that will prevent his car from starting until he breathes into the device and is registered as sober.

He will also have to pay a $150 fine.

Pelosi reportedly had a drug in his system at the time of arrest, but was not charged with that in the end.

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