BREAKING: Pelosi Assault Bombshell Stuns Voters - Here's What You Need To Know...

November 1, 2022

A Fox LA report revealed that the suspect in the Paul Pelosi attack is a longtime illegal alien who has been living in the sanctuary state, California on an expired visa.

David DePape, 42, came to the U.S. from Canada at an unknown point and lived for several decades in the state.

His former partner said that DePape was mentally ill, and there is evidence that he used drugs over a long period of time.

The liberal media has tried to peg DePape as a right-winger because he posted about QAnon and positive on former President Donald Trump in some social media posts attributed to him, but most of his known views over the years seem to be more of the left.

Donald Trump Jr. pointed out in a tweet that if California enforced its immigration laws, Pelosi's attack would not have happened because DePape would not be in the country.

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