BREAKING: Obama Insider Reveals Biden's Dirty Secret - Nation Stunned...

September 4, 2022

Ex-adviser to former President Bill Clinton Paul Begala attacked President Joe Biden's student loan forgiveness plan as "unfair" and not doing enough to help the underprivileged.

“Well it’s bad policy as well as bad politics. For that amount of money, you could fund free pre-K for every 3 and 4-year-old for 10 years. You can do a lot more good for poor people, communities of color and the underprivileged by doing pre-K. You could forgive all medical debt, which unlike student debt is not freely entered into,” Begala said, adding he was a “progressive.”

Begala called the policy "terrible" as well as reminding voters that most Democrats believed that a forgiveness policy like Biden's could not be done by a president unilaterally, without Congress.

Begala worried that the policy would hurt Democrat congressional candidates.

What is my party doing with this? They’re disadvantaging — I think they’re not helping the people we’re here to help, which is poor people and underprivileged communities. And they’re not helping their politicians who are running,” Begala concluded.

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