BREAKING: Now Viral Biden Video Shows He's GUILTY - Beyond a Doubt...

August 16, 2022

Despite the Biden administration's efforts to make Americans forget about the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, Republican Derrick Van Order, a retired Navy SEAL, has not forgotten... and he is speaking out about it in his latest campaign ad.

"Van Orden, backed by former President Donald Trump, launched a new campaign ad over the weekend, one year after Kabul fell to the Taliban after President Joe Biden’s disastrous withdrawal," reports Breitbart.

"Van Orden’s ad is released to mark the first anniversary of Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, after which the Taliban completed their takeover of the country," according to Breitbart.

"It is an unmitigated disaster, and it did not need to happen," Van Orden said in an interview last year at the time of the withdrawal.

"Let’s just be super clear about that. This did not need to happen," Van Order continued. "And if you think about that last presser that Joe Biden did, what he said that wasn’t inaccurate or misinformed was intentionally disingenuous or a lie."

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