BREAKING: New Video Shows Her Barely Escaping - WOW

August 28, 2022

Video footage of a six-year-old barely escaping a kidnapping in front of her own home in Hamilton, Ohio, was released this week, and the footage was extremely harrowing.

The footage showed Deric McPherson, 33, first grab the six-year-old girl, who then screamed as he attempted to drag her away.

McPherson then released the girl and calmly walked on as if nothing had happened. The girl then ran inside and told her parents what happened, prompting father Ricky Nash to jump in his car and follow McPherson.

Nash also contacted police and stated that when McPherson was later apprehended by law enforcement, "It took so much anguish away."

McPherson was charged with abduction and gross sexual imposition and is being held in Butler County Jail awaiting his court date.

The terrifying story at least has a good ending, but it is a good reminder to Americans to be ever vigilant with their children and loved ones.

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