BREAKING: New Shocker Discovered In Jeffery Epstein Case - Evidence Stunning...

July 25, 2022

Two executors of billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein's estate have been accused of funneling millions of dollars from Epstein's estate into trust fund accounts connected to themselves.

The New York Times reported that nearly $13 million had been wired into a trust fund by Attorney Darren Indyke and the estate's accountant Richard Kahn.

Both Indyke and Kahn "categorically reject the baseless assertions of wrongdoing made against them."

The case will be adjudicated in the U.S. Virgin Islands and U.S. Virgin Islands Attorney General Denis George has already requested that Epstein's estate submit to a discovery.

The revelation comes almost three years after Epstein allegedly committed suicide in a Manhatten prison before he could stand trial.

Since then, his estate has shrunk 75% from a peak of $600 million dollars, according to court filings. It's hard to imagine those individuals managing his estate wouldn't be tempted to help themselves to the despicablepedophile'ss millions.

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