BREAKING: New Report Confirms Nancy Pelosi's WORST Nightmare - It's Over...

October 30, 2022

With the midterm elections just over a week away, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Party are likely doomed as Republicans continue to make gains with American voters.

Rasmussen Reports’ weekly poll found that Republicans are up seven points on the generic congressional ballot.

The news doesn't get better with Independents as Republicans enjoy an 18-point advantage with that crucial block of voters that could mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Republicans only need to gain five seats in the House of Representatives to unseat Pelosi and throw Democrats out of power in Congress's lower chamber.

The race is a bit tighter in the upper chamber but Republicans are hoping their polling advantages will be realized and win them the Senate.

Losing both the House and the Senate would be a historic disaster for Democrats and if polls are to be believed, Pelosi's worst nightmare will come true on November 8th.

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