BREAKING: New Raid Report Has Trump Smiling - FBI Move Backfires

August 23, 2022

Americans know that the raid on Donald Trump's private residence was nothing more than a politically-motivated witch hunt.

As a result, they're supporting Donald Trump and not trusting the establishment media or government like never before.

Where's the proof? It's in the Truth Social numbers.

Donald's Truth Social app has seen a 550% increase in downloads since the FBI raided Donald Trump's private residence, dismantling his wife's underwear drawer.

The increase shows one thing, Americans trust Donald Trump a lot more than the trust the current establishment.

Whether its the actual government militarizing the FBI, or liberal media outlets censoring the opinions of Republicans, free speech has been under attack in America for a while.

Truth Social hopes to reverse that trend.

Judging by the download numbers after the FBI went into business for liberals, America is counting on Truth Social to do just that.

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