BREAKING: New Diagnosis Of Joe Biden Has White House Desperate [Developing]

August 16, 2022

There's a new strategy in regards to dealing with Joe Biden, and it's one I thought I'd never have to hear about the leader of the free world:

Don't trust Joe Biden at all.

Unfortunately, it's really gotten that bad.

People don't know what team Joe is on. Is it America's? Is it Hunter's? Russia's? China's?

It's not just average bozos like me that have issues with Dirty Joe Biden either, there are plenty of heroes in our federal government speaking on our behalf.

Such as Senator Ron Johnson, a Republican from Wisconsin.

He recently appeared on Fox News to explain his reaction to the news that Joe Biden had not been briefed prior to the FBI's raid on Trump's private residence:

"First of all, I don’t believe anything that Joe Biden tells me. We investigated his son, Hunter. Joe Biden repeatedly said that he never had spoken to his son about his overseas business deals — now we know we spoke to him all the time about it. So, I don’t believe Joe Biden, and I certainly don’t believe Merrick Garland and the higher-ups in the FBI. They’ve been lying to the American public as well. They’ve been covering things up."

He then responded to Karine Jean-Pierre claiming that the FBI had not been politicized.

"It’s obvious that the FBI has been politicized — top echelons of it — the Department of Justice has. To me, this is looking more and more like a dispute over the president’s declassification authority. My understanding is that the president’s the ultimate authority in terms of what is going to be declassified."

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