BREAKING: New Diagnosis Of Joe Biden Confirms Worst - Pathetic...

July 15, 2022

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) said Thursday that it was "pathetic" for President Joe Biden to go beg other nations for oil while he refused to increase U.S. production.

“I don’t even know if Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and some other partners have that much spare capacity, but you make a very good point — whether it is friend or foe, we should be producing as much of our own oil and gas in America as we can," Cotton began.

"It was very, very pathetic when Joe Biden went hat in hand to Venezuela and Iran a couple of months ago as gas prices spiked, asking them to produce more oil rather than going to North Dakota or Texas or Arkansas or Louisiana and asking us to produce more oil. That’s what we should be doing,” he continued.

“Energy independence is not just a slogan, Bill, because the opposite of it is energy dependence,” he added. “And we’ve seen that energy dependence in the war in Ukraine, and Russia’s got Germany and other countries over barrel could greatly constrain our freedom of action in the world and our ability to defend our own people and their interests," he concluded.

The comments were made on Fox News America's Newsroom. 

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