BREAKING: New Corruption Report Shows Truth About Hunter Biden - Nation Shocked...

July 29, 2022

It's no surprise that First Son Hunter Biden is shady and involved in scandal everywhere you look, but he's had a lot of help hiding his shenanigans.

"'Courageous' whistleblowers are responsible for exposing the 'corrupt' DOJ and FBI, which 'illegally suppressed information' on Hunter Biden, according to Republican Representative Andy Biggs of Arizona.

Biggs has called to use the "Holman Rule" to "defund" the Department of Justice (DOJ) if they choose to "not cooperate."

"Biggs argued that the silencing of the Hunter Biden's affair was just one of many similar incidents," reports Breitbart.

"Never forget that Hunter Biden is just one example of dozens and dozens, maybe hundreds, where they said, 'Oh, there’s no laptop… the laptop’s Russian [disinformation] – [it] came out of Russia,'" Biggs said.

"Then it’s, 'Oh, it’s no big deal whatsoever,'" Biggs added.

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