BREAKING: New Biden Family Video Shocks Leftists - Total Chaos And Rage...

September 15, 2022

Have you heard about the new video about the Biden family?

It's called "My Son Hunter," and it's doing what few pieces of conservative media have done in the past.

Causing the left to panic.

The left has had plenty of reason to panic in recent years, but relatively little of that panic has been caused because the quality of conservative media is so good.

This is one of those rare times.

The film "My Son Hunter" shows what the Biden family has really been up to, and the left is furious about it.

As experienced conservative writer Christian Toto puts it:

"Director Robert Davi’s film can’t be seen in any traditional theaters. The stars, including Laurence Fox and Gina Carano, won’t sit on any late-night couches to promote the film. And the team behind the movie lacks the resources for billboard promotion or other tried and true techniques.

The reaction so far is commensurate with a 3,000-screen release with the full weight of a studio behind it.

Why such venom toward an indie movie covering a topic the mainstream media and Big Tech hid during an election cycle? Can’t this story be told, warts and all? Shouldn’t Hollywood, with its wondrous resources and endless talent pool, have told it first?

Why so scared? Critics routinely review bad movies, but their critiques don’t rise to this level.

Progressives in both Hollywood and the media want the cultural landscape to be permanently one-sided. It’s our stories, our way, and intruders will be treated harshly.

We’re seeing that in real time with 'My Son Hunter.'

Now, it’s up to audiences to determine if 'My Son Hunter' and other subversive stories can survive those attacks and draw a sizable crowd."

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