BREAKING: New Biden COVID Report Stuns Nation - White House Is...

July 28, 2022

The Biden administration is once again changing their tune about COVID-19.

President Biden said after beating the virus that Americans should keep wearing masks and get vaccinated and boosted, but they'll probably still contract the virus at some point.

"My symptoms were mild, recovery was quick, and I’m feeling great," Biden said.

"You should consider wearing a mask when you’re in a crowded indoor public place," Biden said. "These precautions add an extra layer of protection for you and for those around you."

"Every person age five and older should get a booster shot," he said, urging people over 50 to get two booster shots.

Then he said the thing that has everyone scratching their heads:

"The reality is that BA.5 means many of us are still going to get Covid, even if we take the precautions," Biden said.

"You can live without fear by doing what I did, get vaccinated, get boosted," he said.

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