BREAKING: New Arizona Announcement Has Democrats VERY Worried [Details Here]

July 29, 2022

It would appear as though it's very likely that former Fox 10 Phoenix host Kari Lake could win Arizona's Republican Gubernatorial primary.

This TERRIFIES Democrats?

Why is that so, given that Kari Lake is famous for having donated to Barack Hussein Obama?

Because that was the old Kari Lake, and the new Kari Lake has the fire of Donald Trump inside her figuratively, and behind her literally.

Trump has repeatedly given the former liberal Lake his blessing:

"No one understands better than Kari how to fight back against the Fake News media and the Radical Left. The media is terrified of Kari because they know that as your Governor, she will be one of the fiercest voices in the country standing up against Joe Biden’s Open Borders catastrophe."

Nearly half of all GOP voters in Arizona say that they will be voting for Lake in the primary.

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