BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Gets Stunning Bad News - Wow...

July 30, 2022

Democrat Senator Chris Coons of Delaware warned House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to consider the risk of "escalating tensions with China" if she took her planned trip to Taiwan to highlight human rights abuses.

"According to Coons, Pelosi’s trip could lead to 'a significant distraction' should the United States end up 'in an escalatory situation around Taiwan and its status,'" reported Breitbart.

"I have great respect for the Speaker and her long record of leadership in foreign affairs, and I trust that she’ll consult closely with the Biden administration and make the right choice," said Coons.

"At this moment, it could be a significant distraction if we ended up in an escalatory situation around Taiwan and its status, but I have confidence that the speaker will do the right thing in this moment," he added.

"But in your judgment, senator, better for the speaker to hold off, at least for now, on that visit to Taiwan?” Coons was asked by MSNBC co-host Willie Geist.

"You know, I think she needs to weigh the input that she gets from the administration, from the president, from our intelligence community," Coons answered. "I do think it risks escalating tensions with China, but I also respect the ways that the speaker over and over has highlighted human rights abuses within China and has stood up for the rights of people in the Indo-Pacific region broadly."

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