BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Absolutely Finished - BYE

October 5, 2022

Senator Rick Scott of Florida is a Republican, but even if he wasn't, he'd be saying the same thing.

That's because facts are facts.

Pelosi is as good as gone fired from being Speaker of the House. Republicans ARE going to conclude midterms with at least 52 Senate seats.

Chuck Todd asked, "We are 37 days away from election day. Another part of your job is Senate Republicans trying to get them to win the Senate. Do you believe Republicans are on track to get control of the Senate?"

"My focus is on the hurricane relief, but absolutely I think we’re at 52 seats-plus. If you look at Biden’s numbers, they’re really bad. People have rejected the Biden agenda. We have great candidates. The Democrats have to defend what Biden has done. I think it will be a good November for Republicans, but we have to keep working hard every day," Scott responded.

Todd then asked, "Was it a mistake for Lindsey Graham to offer us that abortion ban at 15 weeks? Does that complicate things?"

Scott answered by saying that "Democrats have talked a lot about that this year. Every candidate has been talking about it. So I think it’s important that people tell people what their position is, and it’s being done state by state."

"You don't think this should be done at the federal level?" Todd asked.

"Well, look, there’s arguments to do it. It is federal level. Right now, all the candidates are taking positions. They’ve been taking positions since the Dobbs decision when the first leak came out. I don’t know what Lindsey put out if it changed the conversation, but I’m pro-life, as you know. I think we ought to have reasonable restrictions. I think people are comfortable with 15 weeks and exceptions for rape, incest and the life of the mother," Scott concluded.

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