BREAKING: MLB Player Brings Fans To Their Feet In July 4th Display [You Gotta See This]

July 6, 2022

The liberals at the top of the federal government seem bound and determined to destroy American patriotism as soon as possible.

Too bad the REAL Americans in this country won't let them.

Take MLB star Madison Bumgarner, who currently pitches for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

This isn't some backup like Colin Kaepernick who waited until he was riding the pine to make a statement, this is one of the stars of the entire MLB.

Bumgarner has been selected to FOUR all-star teams, won the World Series THREE times, The Silver Slugger Award TWICE, and the World Series MVP award.

Simply put, the man can play.

So when he makes a statement, fans and players around the MLB listen.

That's why America loved what they saw out of the all-star on Independence Day.

Take a look for yourself, and I'm sure you'll agree.

If only Arizona could put a team around him so that there were actually fans in the seats to see it...

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